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My Legacy - Jackie

I'm forever honored, for I have marched with heroes

My name is Jackie. I was born 1933 in Sedalia Missouri. I joined the Air Force in May 1950. Got married in 1952 to a beautiful French women. Had two lovely children. Read my post to learn more about my life.

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My First Tour In France – Post 3

My First Tour In France – Post 3

In May of 1951, I attended the Military Police Academy at Oberammergau, Germany. Upon my return to Orly, I was Promoted to Buck Sergeant. I Proposed to Rolande and we were married on...More to come.

You are in the Air Force Now! – Post 2

You are in the Air Force Now! – Post 2

I quit school in the middle of the eleventh grade. In January of 1949 I lied about my age and joined the Missouri National Guard, where I served a year prior to enlisting into the Air Force. I turned seventeen in April 1950. On the first of May 1950 I enlisted into...

The Beginning  – Post 1

The Beginning – Post 1

My very first memory of anything. It was some time in 1963, I was shocked into reality by two total strangers that had picked me up from my grandmother's home on West Main St in Sedalia Mo.

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